SAVE MONEY on your electric bill.  At SoCal Green Homes we help you reduce your monthly bills and make a better choice for your electricity.  
Our professionals come to your home and provide a complete energy assessment of your property at no cost.  Upon completion of the assessment you will:

Know your choices for purchasing energy
Know the options available to lower your electric bill

    SoCal Green Homes facilitators will connect you to a program that helps you save money on your current bills at no out of pocket cost to you.

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    The Road To Savings!

    STEP 1

    Energy Assessment.

    Request Your Energy Assessment with SoCal Green Homes. 

    • At Your Door 
    • Call and Request
    • Referral

    STEP 2

    Determine The Best Program.

    One of our program facilitators will sit down with you, go through a questionnaire.  The questionnaire along with your current utility usage will help determine which government subsidized programs you may be eligible for and which programs will save you the most money. Based on your answers they will explain any programs that may fit your needs and show you how to apply.

    STEP 3

    Apply For The Program That Fits You Best. 

    Your program facilitator will walk you through the simple application paperwork. Many of the programs are based on energy usage and not income.

    STEP 4

    Start saving! 

    When your application is accepted, you will be enrolled in a government subsidized program to lower your bills. 

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    1000’S HELPED

    We have helped 1000’s of homeowners save money on their electric bills.  Ready for the next savings to be yours?


    Request an energy assessment with SoCal Green Homes and start saving money today.  Why wait?


    Ready to make a difference for you and your family by saving the environment while saving money so you can spread the word. 

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